Your phone rings

and a cheerful voice appears on the line. It might be your sister, a sales rep for a local ISP, or a scammer trying to get your money.

But wait

- how do you know which is which? Well, you probably know your sister - but how do you tell the ISP representative from a scammer?

With Huntsman

you simply ask them to send you their identification and, well, that’s it. Within seconds we will send you a secure notification confirming the authenticity of the caller.


Huntsman provides your customers with ease of mind whenever one of your representatives calls.
You can provide this service to your existing customer base using any of our patent pending solutions:

Register your company with us and join our network of certified partners.
Our powerful SDK is lightweight and simple to integrate. Available for iOS, Android, and as a web widget it will enable your customers to receive Huntsman’s notifications to your existing app.
Huntsman’s technology is available as a complete white-label solution comprised of a web site and accompanying mobile applications.